Released 20th January 2008. Download the press release as a PDF.

jai-pic11.jpgBeguiling orchestral and lush, Melbourne band The Wishing Well create spellbinding sounds which produce a rich tapestry of mesmerizing folk, pop and rock.

Performing together for just over twelve months, they are relative newcomers to the scene, The Wishing Well however come with an impressive musical maturity and remarkable background. Lead singer Jai Larkan has previously supported artists such as Bob Geldof, Andy White, Liam O’Maonlai and Tim Finn.

Clearly The Wishing Well have defined their craft in a remarkably timeframe together, having played an impressive 130 gigs on the live national circuit, including playing at the Queenscliff Music Festival.

Music Oz Awards finalists (2007), The Wishing Well evoke an extraordinary gamut of emotions with their compelling and awe-inspiring arrangements spun around magnificently poetic lyrics. A cacophony of three part harmonies, wistful violin and majestic rhythms all melded to lead singer Jai Larkan’s achingly strong and haunting vocals. Continue Reading »