Newsletter Jan 2010

Fire In The Valley nearing completion


Jan 14 – Feb 1 VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD;
Feb 2-15 WA
March 12-13 VIC
March 18-21 TAS

  • Next Melbourne Show:  Friday, Feb 26 The Corner Hotel, Swan Street, Richmond  FULLY SEATED SHOW
  • European Tour starts: June 21
  • Seeking fill-in drummer
  • Hands up who wants to be a nanna for the night for The Wishing Well in Canberra, Sydney, Byron Bay, Perth/Fremantle Sunshine Coast, Brisbane?
  • Your large vehicle could earn you $1,000
  • Froupies needed to put up posters in Byron, Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne
  • Best monthly moment winner: Rivkah
  • The Wishing Well’s monthly blahblah – too hot for our monthly blahblah folks tune in next newsletter for more blahblah
  • New Euro dates added

Greetings and salutations to all you friendly people out there!  How are you going on your New Years resolutions?  Ours are being whipped into shape and week two sees us still being true to well at least some of them!  It’s been a full on year for us already: we toured Tassie, have been busking in the sweltering sun at The Queen Victoria Markets, putting the finishing touches on Fire In The Valley and gearing up for our next tours!  Check the gig guides below as some venues have jumped on board in last few days.  Apart from this, we are looking forward to playing The Corner again on Friday, Feb 26.

The Wishing Well folk rock the beautiful Salamanca Arts Centre Courtyard

Tassie Tour Blog:

Tassie was especially awesome this time!  Lots of great shows, and great new friends.  Our nannies were especially lovely!  The hospitable Jacqueline even got up at 6:00am to make us a scrummy eggs on toast breaky before we trundled off to play a red-eyed gig at Salamanca.  Special thanks to the lovely lady at Salamanca who came back to buy a second CD for her friend instead of just burning a copy.  We really appreciated that!  We know times are tight but it really is a lovely gesture to invest in our music by buying instead of burning our CDs since we really do struggle to keep on doing what we do and our CD sales are a major part of our continuation so thanks so much for your generosity and integrity to our music.  See you in March you wild Tasmaniacs

The Republic Bar and Brookfield Vineyard

Upcoming tours: Jan 14 – Feb 1 VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD; Feb 2-15 WA

We have a pretty busy touring schedule  (which as you know is pretty much always the case) coming that sees us playing all over Oz far and wide.  We are looking for some lovely nannies to take us in under their wings and away from the dreadful clutches of Formula 1.  Lettuce know if you need some people to crash on your floor, we’re there in a flash.

Melbourne – February

Feb 26, 2010, The Corner Hotel, Swan Street, Richmond
Our show at The Corner will probably be our last Melbourne show before we head back to Europe until December so be sure to book your tickets early if you want to see us play.   The fun police have cracked down on our busking (apparently too many people were smiling and maybe just maybe we were playing a little bit too loud) so no more watching The Wishing Well with a fistful of Lord of Fries at Flinders Street anymore BUT please do come and see us play at The Corner we can’t promise you Lord of the Fries but we can promises you an awesome show.   You get to see us rock out in great splendour minus Connex announcements and tram whistles! Supports will be announced soon.

Tickets available from Corner Box Office 11am-8pm Mon-Sat, 9427 9198 or

Regional Victoria – January

Jan 16 2010, 6:00pm, Lawler’s Hut, 100 Gavin Street, Bright Victoria,

ACT, NSW, QLD – January


18 Jan 2010, 8:00pm, The Phoenix Bar, 21 East Row, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

1 Feb 2010, 8:00pm, Front Bar Gallery, 1/2 Wattle St, Lyneham ACT 2602

New South Wales:

15 Jan 2010, 8:00pm, The Astor Hotel, Young Street, Albury, NSW

17 Jan 2010, 4:00pm, Thomas Blarney Tavern, Albert Street, Wagga Wagga, NSW

20 Jan 2010, 6:00pm, The Rails, Jonson Street, Railway Station?Byron Bay, New South Wales

28 Jan 2010, 8:00pm, The View Factory, 64 Scott St (Cnr Telford St), Newcastle, NSW

29 Jan 2010, 8:00pm, Wauchope Community Arts, Oxley Lane, Wauchope, New South Wales

30 Jan 2010, 8:00pm, Hotel Gearin, 273 Great Western Hwy, Katoomba

31 Jan 2010, 7:30pm The Funky Café, 256 King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW


23 Jan 2010, 8:00pm Crystal Waters Community Deck, off Kilcoy Lane Conondale, Crystal Waters, Queensland

24 Jan 2010, 9:00pm, Harrigans Drift Inn, Huth Rd  Jacobs Well, Queensland

27 Jan 2010, 8:00p, The Troubadour, 3/322 Brunswick St, Fortitude, Brisbane, Queensland

Western Australia – February

5 Feb 2010, 9pm, The Prince of Wales  41 Stephen Street, Bunburry, Western Australia

6 Feb 2010, 9:00pm, Settler’s Tavern, 114 Bussell Hwy  Margaret River, Western Australia

7 Feb 2010, 8:00pm, The Indi Bar, 23 Hastings Street  Scarborough, Western Australia

9 Feb 2010, 8:00pm, Mojo’s, 237 Queen Victoria St  Perth, Western Australia

12 Feb 2010 8:00pm, The Camel Bar, 20 Chapman Road  Geralton, Western Australia

13 Feb 2010  8:00pm, Rainbow Jungle, 14 Bridgeman Road  Kalbarri, Western Australia

14 Feb 2010, 9:00pm  Southerley’s Tavern  Dongara, Western Australia

European Tour starts: June 21

We have started to make our bookings for our next Euroinvasion tour to the UK and Europe.  Lift off is June 21 and we are really looking forward to catching up with all our Euro buddies and indulging in some great beer.   If you really really want us to come play a concert in your town now is the time to let us know and about any other venues you think would be great for us.

July 1, 2010 – Ryan’s of Odense, Odense, Denmark

July 2, 2010 – Skagenfest, Skagen, Denmark

July 3, 2010 – Skagenfest, Skagen, Denmark

July 4, 2010 – Skagenfest, Skagen, Denmark

July 14, 2010, – Schokoladen, Berlin, Germany

And many more to come so stay tuned!

Sez and her groupies / Rod helps the Forth locals get there groove on / Sez jamming with Pedro the Alpaca

Seeking fill-in drummer

Rod is off to India for some rest and relaxation but the show must go on!  So we are looking for someone to fill his big bird shoes with us while he is away.  If you’re up for some fun tours and like hanging out with some weirdos then give Rivkah a call on 0423 425 009 and she can give you all the details.

“Man I need some funky brother to lock these beats down with…”

Dear nannas…

Hands up who wants to be a nanna for the night for The Wishing Well in Tas, Canberra, Sydney, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay? Our nanna for the night program has been great fun for us and the nannies!  If you are able to host even some of us and even for just one night you would be helping us out an incredible amount.  It makes such a difference to us being able to avoid those stinky hotel rooms and stay in a real house.  We are seeking nannies for the following nights and places:

Jan 17, 18, Feb 1 Canberra ACT

Jan 20 Tamworth, NSW

Jan 19, Jan 31 Sydney, NSW

Jan 27, Byron Bay, NSW

Jan 29, Wauchope, NSW

Jan 22, 23, 25, 26 Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Jan 24 Gold Coast, Queensland

Jan 28 Newcastle, NSW

Feb 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 Perth/Fremantle WA

Nannie gallery

The fabulous Tassy Nannies – The Murrays

The Schwenkes – Our Adelaide homeys away from homeys

Come On Tour With Us

If you have a van or other large vehicle that lounges around the garage and needs to get out more, you could hire it to us!  It makes you money and we save some!  Give Rivkah a call on 0423 425 009 for details.  We are looking to hire a van Jan 14- Feb 1 for our tour from Melbourne to Queensland and back and could hire your van or large vehicle for $1,000.  We are also seeking to hire a van Feb 3-15 in WA.

Calling all froupies far and wide!

Froupies needed to put up posters in Byron, Sydney, Perth, Canberra and Melbourne, please contact Riv on 0423 425 009 if you think you are a bit of whiz with glue and street poles.

Best monthly moment winner…..goes to Rivkah
For falling on her bumb mid song at The Salamanca Arts Centre in Hobart and still playing and not bleeding anywhere!  Well done to the Riv

Facebook, Twitter join up won’t ya?
Myspace is SOOO 2006.   Give us a tweet on Twitter.  You can join here:

To buy your copy of Life on the Border please go to The Wishing Well Store at

Thanks for reading ? and to all the people who throw change in our
case, buy our CDs, come to our shows and take time out of their busy
lives to let us know how much our music resonates with them.  It’s the
highest reward for us to connect with you through our music.  We often
share moments and meet people through playing our music that we
otherwise wouldn’t.  To see someone jamming along with us who speaks
English as a second language or comes from a place we have never been
to or even heard of or who lives a life that is so different from
anything we have ever experienced and to be able to connect through
music is a beautiful and rare experience we never tire of!
See you soon
x The Wishing Well (Jai, Sarah, Rivkah, Willow, Oscar and Rod)

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    Fans Comments

    Harminder Saini Hey guys
    I heard you for the first time playing in the Melbourne CBD on the weekend. I was completely mesmerised and I had shivers up and down my spine listening to your music.

    I didn't get the chance to purchase a cd....I would love to next time around. Are you playing here anytime soon?

    April 13 at 5:51

    Laura Stadler We bought your CD in Galway but forgot it in the car when we went home... so we will buy it once again :)
    was a great evening, thank you!
    June 23 at 1:05am

    Francesco Cotugno I make you my real compliments for your "Life on the Border" : It's really extraordinary ! Good luck and see you soon in Milan again.... !

    Bich Ngoc Oh how i love your 'Cease Fire' and 'Life on the Border' - thank you with much love in my heart
    July 17 at 5:13pm

    Christian Mahlow saw you in leipzig. I liked it very much!!!
    July 16 at 3:07am

    Hey guys. I had a few hours to kill waiting for the train Sunday @ Flinders Street Station when I was lucky enough to see you play.
    2 hours later after standing in the crowd watching you for that long (I had the Crowded House t-shirt on!), you'd made me a fan and I had to buy a copy of your CD.
    You guys were amazing... love your style & hope to see you play again sometime (I live 200 km away from Melbourne, so unlikely!)... thank you for the free gig.

    I saw you at Salamanca on Saturday and instantly loved your music.
    Keep it up!

    Hi guys... you guys were awsome saturday night in Burnie.. Hope to catch you again.. cheers max.. :)

    I saw you guys playing in Bourke street today and just had to but 'Life on the Border'. It's a great album, keep it up!
    Warren Maggs.


    Mandy Matthews wintermoon lives on in 'life on the border'..... beautiful, beautiful music!!
    May 16 at 6:09pm · Comment · Like · Report

    Leonie Lovell hope your wintermoon experience was as wonderful for u as it was for all that discovered your music hope to see u there next year
    May 15 at 6:20pm · Comment · Like · Report

    Rolf M. Remø Enjoyed your music a lot in Bremen, so I hope you will drop bye to Norway next year, I have allready told a lot of people about your nice music , and sent info to people i know that work whit music as in radio, recordings, gigs .......
    Whish you all the best and a nice tour, and thanks again for a nice experience!!
    July 7 at 7:15pm

    Berni Clark my first wintermoon and what a fantastic time. I was in absolute awe in the talent you all have and the energy you brought across to everyone you
    played to... I and my friends sooooooooooooooooooooo hope you come back next year then cruize on up to Airlie. Being a Melbourne girl , ive told my friends to go check you out.