On the road in Denmark with Jai

So we are on the road in Denmark now.

The weather is perfect blue and really warm. The last two gigs have been awesome.

Tuesday at Sendesaal in Bremen we played in an amazing concert hall that is used mostly for classical and piano performances. The room is built from beautiful wood and designed for amazing acoustics. About 80 people came to the show and and were all a very focused and listening audience. We played really well and the people who run the place are great.

Last night at Music Star in Norderstedt was also a really great show. Very small dungeon like room but with great sound, lights and run by an awesome bunch of guys. They had 5 HD cameras recording the show and recorded the audio in multi track on to pro tools as well so we have the makings of a few videos there.

So far the Germans are a very serious and focused audience, very quiet while we are playing and really enthusiastic after each song.

Sarah is better now with just a few spots left. The gigs have been great, busking has been good too.

The next 4 days in Copenhagen we will have a fair bit more time as we are busking in the late afternoons and have the mornings and early afternoons free.

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    Fans Comments

    Harminder Saini Hey guys
    I heard you for the first time playing in the Melbourne CBD on the weekend. I was completely mesmerised and I had shivers up and down my spine listening to your music.

    I didn't get the chance to purchase a cd....I would love to next time around. Are you playing here anytime soon?

    April 13 at 5:51

    Laura Stadler We bought your CD in Galway but forgot it in the car when we went home... so we will buy it once again :)
    was a great evening, thank you!
    June 23 at 1:05am

    Francesco Cotugno I make you my real compliments for your "Life on the Border" : It's really extraordinary ! Good luck and see you soon in Milan again.... !

    Bich Ngoc Oh how i love your 'Cease Fire' and 'Life on the Border' - thank you with much love in my heart
    July 17 at 5:13pm

    Christian Mahlow saw you in leipzig. I liked it very much!!!
    July 16 at 3:07am

    Hey guys. I had a few hours to kill waiting for the train Sunday @ Flinders Street Station when I was lucky enough to see you play.
    2 hours later after standing in the crowd watching you for that long (I had the Crowded House t-shirt on!), you'd made me a fan and I had to buy a copy of your CD.
    You guys were amazing... love your style & hope to see you play again sometime (I live 200 km away from Melbourne, so unlikely!)... thank you for the free gig.

    I saw you at Salamanca on Saturday and instantly loved your music.
    Keep it up!

    Hi guys... you guys were awsome saturday night in Burnie.. Hope to catch you again.. cheers max.. :)

    I saw you guys playing in Bourke street today and just had to but 'Life on the Border'. It's a great album, keep it up!
    Warren Maggs.


    Mandy Matthews wintermoon lives on in 'life on the border'..... beautiful, beautiful music!!
    May 16 at 6:09pm · Comment · Like · Report

    Leonie Lovell hope your wintermoon experience was as wonderful for u as it was for all that discovered your music hope to see u there next year
    May 15 at 6:20pm · Comment · Like · Report

    Rolf M. Remø Enjoyed your music a lot in Bremen, so I hope you will drop bye to Norway next year, I have allready told a lot of people about your nice music , and sent info to people i know that work whit music as in radio, recordings, gigs .......
    Whish you all the best and a nice tour, and thanks again for a nice experience!!
    July 7 at 7:15pm

    Berni Clark my first wintermoon and what a fantastic time. I was in absolute awe in the talent you all have and the energy you brought across to everyone you
    played to... I and my friends sooooooooooooooooooooo hope you come back next year then cruize on up to Airlie. Being a Melbourne girl , ive told my friends to go check you out.